Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Shabby Chic Flower Tutorial

~Flower Punches in any shape & size (as long as they are graduated in size ie. small & medium, medium & large)
~Tacky Glue (or any other liquid type adhesive)
~Glimmer Mist (mine is handmade)
~Stiff bristle paint brush
~Soft bristle paint brush
~Paint pallette (or small cups ie. medicine cups)

Step 1: Punch 2 large and 2 small flowers with your punches from any heavy cardstock paper.
Step 2: Cover the flowers with gesso using the stiff bristle paint brush & allow to dry completely. I use my heat gun to speed up the drying time.
Step 3: Use Tacky Glue (or other liquid adhesive) to glue the flowers together, staggering the petals as you go.
You will end up with this, once you have all 4 of your flowers glued together.
Step 4: Using the end of your paint brush (or bamboo skewer), roll each of the flower petals down.
Step 5: Give your glimmer mist a good shake and then spray a little into one of the wells on your paint pallette (or small cup).
Step 6: Using the soft bristle paint brush, paint all of the petals with the glimmer mist from the middle of the flower to the outer tip of each petal. If the first coat is too light, let it dry and paint it with a second coat, or even a third if you want.
Step 7: Using the stiff bristle paint brush and a very small amount of gesso in your paint pallette or small cup, dry brush the gesso over the petals in the same motion used to paint the glimmer mist on. Allow to dry completely.
Step 8: Choose a center embellishment for your flower. I chose a flat back pearl to match my flower. I adhered it using Glossy Accents, as I have found that it holds the flat back pearls and rhinestones onto the flower best.
Viola! You have a very attractive shabby chic flower for your layouts, cards, or other altered projects.
I hope that you enjoy making them as much as I have. Thanks for checking out my tutorial!


  1. Amy, these is are absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Stunning! and a lot easier than I ever would have guessed!